Sunday, September 18, 2016

Election got you in knots?

Are you tired? Not feeling well? Struggling to survive? Got work, family commitments, etc...? Me too. Tied up in knots over this election? Me too!!

Well, I considered tuning-out until it was all over, because my stomach can't take much more. However, I had a talk with myself and, instead, we decided that if this election goes by and Trump wins the White House, and I had not done everything in my power to help the campaign, I would be in-part to blame.

So, yesterday I helped at a phone bank. It was awkward, there were forms, there were people I didn't know -- but I overcame the social anxiety and did my best -- and I'm glad I did. I talked to Hillary/Democratic-Ticket-supporters, Trump-lovers, Undecideds... Some ranted and hung up, others were happy to chat, one guy wanted me to give a message to Hillary, (I told him I would write it on the form). The house was full of volunteers inside and outside, with many first-timers feeling the same as I. Everyone came together to do what they could.

So, yes, there is more that can be done beyond fighting with our friends and family on Facebook!

Not good on the phone? There are many other tasks that need to be done -- data entry, canvassing (locally and in neighboring states), hosting events, coordination, training, etc.

Please consider stepping outside your comfort zone for our country. Here is where you can find events in your area:

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