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For Immediate Release: The Incognito Witch returns to the “Strangely Beautiful” MagikalCharm Video Fest in 2015

 For release through February 26, 2015

(January 19, 2015, New York, NY) Creative Sorceress Mollie Kellogg’s short film, Incognito Witch: Paint My Life, has been selected to screen at the MagikalCharm Video Fest 2015. This is the second appearance of G, the Incognito Witch, at this event in New York City. In 2014 Kellogg’s Nobody Loves Fat G received the MagikalCharm Genre Award for Alternative Comedy.

Inspired by Kellogg’s figurative Incognito Witch paintings, the project expanded to include short films starring Kellogg as G (short for Goddess). “Both on canvas and in film, an Incognito Witch is an inner portrait,” Kellogg says, “exposing and celebrating the magick hidden to conform to societal pressures.”

For this newest installment Kellogg collaborates with her husband T. Collins Logan. Mollie writes, directs and stars and T is composer and director of photography. The scene opens as G’s snoring slumber is interrupted by the clucking of the cuckoo. The Incognito Witch awakes and grudgingly starts her morning rituals. Her rituals are not those of spell casting or brewing of potions, but of showering, applying her makeup to cover what she perceives as flaws to be hidden from view, dressing in her costume (a business suit). She collects her computer bag and heads off to work — the only brew is purchased from the neighborhood coffee shop — likely not much different than anyone else’s morning rituals. “In these clothes, In this car, In the mirror, What do I fear? It’s not a reflection of me.” sings a female voice...

“I see my art as a way to promote self-acceptance, laughter, play, healing, community and personal possibility,” says Kellogg. Incognito Witch: Paint My Life was an official selection of the 2014 Awareness Festival in Los Angeles, and winner of the LGBTQAI Track Award at Nine Worlds in London.

Learn more about the Incognito Witch Project at Contact Mollie at

MagikalCharm Video Fest 2015 takes place February 25 and 26, 2015, 8-11pm at the Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003,  General Admission: $10; Half-price tickets available for AFA & NYWIFT members and NYC students.
(NOTE: Incognito Witch: Paint My Life is scheduled to screen opening night - schedule is subject to change.)

About the MagikalCharm Video Fest
The MagikalCharm Experimental Video Fest showcases “strangely beautiful” 3-15 minute video featurettes. Themes emphasize the mystical, magikal, and mythically mysterious nature of performance, poetry, music, and visual composition. The MagikalCharm mission is to provide a medium for the imaginative, strangely beautiful, expression of personal experience, truth(s) and transformation.

Visit, email or call  (212) 675-8223 for more information about the festival.

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Interviews with the artist are available on request.
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Incongito Witch Short: "Sibling Rivalry - or - Ginger's got it in The Bag!"

G the Incognito Witch, Incognito Marilyn and Incognito Sunday react Ginger Anxiety's "Selfie" being included in THE GRAMMY® GIFT BAG!



PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                February 7, 2015
(LOS ANGELES, CA, FEB. 2015) Creative sorceress Mollie Kellogg conjures a magickal world on canvas in her INCOGNITO WITCH Project. A vibrant 4"x6" dye-infused metal print of Kellogg’s painting “INCOGNITO WITCH Selfie: Ginger Anxiety” is one of the many exciting gifts performers and presenters will receive in their GRAMMY® Gift Bag.

In addition to gift bags, the GRAMMY Gift Lounge, open to presenters and performers during rehearsals, offers each Lounge guest the opportunity to win a special gift via the GRAMMY Gift Lounge Sweepstakes. Two 12"x18" metal prints of “Ginger Anxiety” by Mollie Kellogg are among special sweepstakes prizes.

The painting “INCOGNITO WITCH Selfie: Ginger Anxiety” is a woman with bright red hair adorned with large pink flowers and messy lipstick making a kissy face, with a signature flash of color under her eyes. This is one of several recent INCOGNITO WITCH Selfie paintings by Kellogg representing elements from her short films, themselves inspired by earlier paintings, bringing the Incognito Witch Project full circle. In this short video Kellogg’s film characters discuss the print of Ginger’s painting being included in the Gift Bag:

Details about the original “Ginger Anxiety Selfie” painting, inspiration and progress shots can be found at

Kellogg’s Witches are true-to-life figures evoking a Mother Nature archetype that emerges from a textured, glitter-embedded realm. Power, strength, attraction, empathy and vulnerability fight for dominance. INCOGNITO WITCH paintings reveal the subject’s hidden psyche, or inner magick, which has often been suppressed to meet society’s expectations. For more information on the Incognito Witch Project visit

THE 57th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS® take place Sunday, February 8, 2015, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live in high definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

Metal prints produced by Magnachrome,
Gift Bag’s and Backstage Gift Lounges are produced by Distinctive Assets,

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Photo: “INCOGNITO WITCH Selfie: Ginger Anxiety” by Mollie Kellogg

Contact: Mollie Kellogg:; 858-449-0548