Saturday, May 3, 2014

Painting diary XX. Brewing up one more. Trying to get one more painting completed for the show in April 2014. This is a male figure. This video shows a close up of the dried under painting. This part of the process is messy fun. Painting video diary XXI. Is it possible to go backwards and forward? In progress, has some features that are not right yet and are in need of fixin'. The goal for these past (now) five works was to push myself to new place. This painting as well as the painting of Sunrise have pulled in aspects of earlier works that I really like while still evolving. I really see my biggest struggle as striking a balance creating what feels to me like a finished work while retaining unfinished elements. Painting video diary XXII. This painting "Medicine Man" really does cross a lot of ground, from past work, past past work, while still going somewhere new. It's just been an interesting process allowing myself to try new things on these five works I've been documenting. I am grateful for this time and space and ability to explore and I'm grateful that you have allowed me to share this with you. Once this is dry I will put on the final coat and I need to start putting hanging wire on all the new works because the show hangs in 2 days. Painting video diary XXIII. Textures. Show hung. Painting video diary XXIV. Post reception wrap up. Great show tonight! Thank you everyone who came out! 30 second video not enough to let you know the show is up for the rest of the month at First UU San Diego! If you were at the show feedback is welcome! David Oleary of Snapps Productions taped the presentation and I am in the process of editing it. I will post when complete. Photo from reception: More reception photos at Completed paintings are at