Saturday, February 15, 2014

Painting video diary XIV. The art equivalent of a late night drunken binge.

Painting video diary XIV. 

The art equivalent of a late night drunken binge. I will reveal this painting in its updated form at the San Diego opening in April 2014. After which I will repost here and update my website at

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video Diary IX-XIII

Well, I give up - the video quality on Blogger is not making me happy. Please use the links below to view the below installments of my video diary on or at


Painting video diary IX: My arm is sore. I should have left it alone after my post yesterday and given it some time -- but I didn't -- and here we are.
Painting video diary X: Tip: If an element in your painting is bothering you and multiple attempts at revision have not been satisfactory, the problem might not live with the item you're attempting to fix, but an adjacent element.

Painting video diary XI: Might be done. Plan to show it in along with the others being documented in this video diary series. If in San Diego save the date the second Tuesday in April 2014.

Painting video diary XII: The quest continues. So much I like about these larger paintings at this point that I hope to retain in the final. Doing more layers of varnish between steps to keep myself from rubbing off something I like when I get frustrated. Added the first two paintings to my website at - photos never are exact due to the metallics and textures (and the uncalibrated monitors of viewers.)

Painting video diary XIII: Lessons (never) learned. 

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