Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cage, Cock and Commission - works in progress

Cage, Cock and Commission (working titles)
Process images (below the rant).

Bitch, bitch, bitch...

Breaking in the new studio with full-sized work has had its frustrations, beyond not being able to find anything, not the least being negotiating easels/multiple large canvasses and the new floor plan, without getting gesso and splatter on the stored paintings.

The messy step of "pouring" outside, sans a flat surface, was complicated further with using tiny drop cloths, actually plastic table cloths from a past show, that turned out to have holes in 'em. (Drats, now I need to find another table cloth before the UU craft fair Sunday.)

I tried scrubbing the splatter off the cement as it happened, as to not stain the new back patio, with my stockinged feet while juggling the pouring process -- only succeeding in putting holes in my socks, (luckily I figured it out before I put a hole in my toe.)

The scientific method of using various sized twigs to level the paintings worked until I tripped over the extended branch sending pools of paint water flying off the canvas and onto the precious patio.

To hose-off the patio before the paint on the cement dried, I attempted to carry the still-wet paintings, flat, (with the assistance of my moody, teen daughter), back into the studio, but the door wasn't wide enough. Had to find a dry area and reset the painting to flatness with the magic twigs...

Once my systems are re-established and the miscellaneous crap in the studio finds another location, (Heather, I might be ready to sell the elliptical), the new, larger space should be the best space to date... I hope... Until then, a little wine, and a little more whining, will vent my frustration, and surely annoy everyone around me. ;-)

CAGE (working title)

COCK (working title)