Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now in pre-production: "Incognito Witch the Musical"

Coming soon:
"Incognito Witch the Musical"
Two 10-min episodes

Episode One Story Line: The Incognito Witch struggles with being true to her inner magick and overcoming the associated fear... She also struggles with her teen-age daughter (Kid Witch). She questions her own strength when has an encounter with the disapproving Out-Witch, who appears to have it all figured out. Incognito turns to her Therapy Witch for counseling.

Episode Two Story Line: Upon advice of Therapy Witch, Incognito ventures out as herself. She travels to Phoenix for an art show (Incognito has her own style of artwork that is developed during this episode). Phoenix Witches are not so sure about the new, "coming out" Incognito Witch. Incognito needs to find a balance to maintain what is special.

About the production:
This is a lo/no-budget production :-)
Music by T.Collins Logan

Would love to find a wig person to assist. Would like hair to match original witch paintings.

Concept still from "Shower song"